There are those that do, and those who don't.

I wish to do everything.

  • Music

    Sonic adventures in the realm of dreams and nightmares, crafted with darkness and chaos. Stream me.

  • Producer

    Making the hottest fucking beats you've ever fucking heard in your entire fucking life. Check out the beat store.

  • Photography

    I shoot dope shit sometimes. Not all the time. I wish I did more often. Anyways, check out cool shots.

  • Gaming

    I tried streaming, and I'm nasty at Warzone. Also play Hogwarts Legacy. Might do streaming again. Follow my Twitch.

  • Entrepreneur

    I run a tech company with almost $1,000,000 in sales. If you're looking to start a business, I can help you out. Book a consultation.

  • Trading

    I've been trading for over a year now and developed an options trading strategy that's given me a 20% MoM ROI. Most of my trading is done on Twitter.