• Music

    Sonic adventures in the realm of dreams and nightmares, crafted with darkness and chaos. Stream a journey of mindlessness and thoughts that come straight from the mind to paper to music.

  • Producer

    Producing since the age of 13, McGrady has crafted a unique sound parallel of no other. Implementing down pitched samples with grungy drums and eery synths, shop a wide array of beats below.

  • Photography

    A sharp eye for illuminating visuals and mindfully intrusive angles to capture an essence unseen at first glance. Manipulating color and field of view to tell more than meets the eye.

  • Gaming

    Currently playing The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom like its my job. Most clips are posted on my Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Follow my TikTok.

  • Entrepreneur

    Money is a product of time. Master time, and you can master money. With expertise in building a tech business from scratch to over a million in sales, I can help excel your business both creativily and operationally. Book a consultation.

  • Trading

    Implementing strict rules and combining my love for mathematical sequences and numerical patterns has pushed my portfolio into new highs month over month. Most of my trading is done on Twitter.