Dream - A Dystopian Hotel At The North Pole (Hotel 248)

Dream - A Dystopian Hotel At The North Pole (Hotel 248)

This dream was one of the most complex dreams I've ever had.

A 248-story hotel.

The last physical structure on Earth. Humans attempted to build a city at the North Pole to escape from global warming. Everywhere else on Earth has become uninhabitable. Each floor of the hotel is designed for a certain class of people, with the bottom floor being low income and the top floor being for the rich and wealthy.

At the top floor there was drug fueled parties as rich people danced around the aurora lights knowing their future was hopeless. On the bottom floor, people picked off the food that would fall from the balconies of the top floor. I was a child of the rich from one of the top floors who traveled down to one of the bottom floors and saw how people were living. They even had different elevators that were like coffins that would close in on you tight enough where you thought you might die, and you could hear sparks as you traveled. The elevators for the rich were covered in gold.

I remember running from the rich top floors because I was tired of the superficial way they were living and was looking for something more authentic and real. I then found out that The Hotel could no longer sustain the amount of people and civilization would eventually cease to exist. 

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