Abandoned For Dead

Abandoned For Dead

Dream: I remember waking up in a large bird cage. The top of the cage kind of had a dark spiraling effect where it just faded into darkness and I couldn't make out where the top was. It was kind of like the ceiling in Hogwarts. I looked on the floor around me and there was a bunch of dead black doves on the floor surrounding me. I watched as a white dove hopped over and began to fly upwards towards the spiraling darkness. It went out of view for a second, and then came back down completely black and hit the floor dead. I remember just kind of sitting down in this cage and watching more white doves try to escape just to fall to the ground and die. 


Song: Abandoned For Dead

Artist: McGrady

Era: To Hell We Fall: The Phantom Black Era

Release Date: June 7th, 2024


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