Fortified McGrady


Dream: I woke up at dawn in bed with a black sketched figure. Their face was just black scribbles moving chaotically. I looked out the window and saw the sun rising and I snuck out and started driving on the highway. I remember ending up in this neon city and parked outside a retro looking house. I saw in the window a white sketched figure opposite of the black figure from before. No face, just white scribbles moving around. Another figure stepped in with a white sketched face as the same. The house then morphed into this giant castle and I remember laying in the grass and just making myself comfortable. Days started passing and time was moving so weird given that this was a dream. It like I experienced years in seconds but seconds felt years. I remember finding a boombox and blasting this weird folk music on my shoulder. 


Song: Fortified

Artist: McGrady

Era: To Hell We Fall: The Phantom Black Era

Release Date: April 5th, 2024


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