Gods Pray To Me

Gods Pray To Me

Dream: I was floating in the middle of storm clouds and remember hearing low pitched voices speaking about "what to do with me". I was frozen in mid air and had no control over moving. I remember they were speaking in some language I didn't understand however I knew what they were saying. I heard them say something about sacrificing one human for the sake of mankind and sending me to hell to battle demons so that the rest of the world could have a chance to live in peace. I then remember it started to rain some sort of black water, and somehow I came to the conclusion it was tainted holy water. The idea that the Gods had was to "wash people of their sins" and use the tainted holy water as a source of energy for me to use in Hell. I remember falling and crashing into a hill of skulls.

Song: Gods Pray To Me

Artist: McGrady

Era: To Hell We Fall: The Phantom Black Era

Release Date: January 5, 2024


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