I Took Too Many

I Took Too Many

Dream: I remember entering a club that was near dark except for a purple hue and lasers shooting all around. I remember taking something that a friend gave to me, and I remember everything started getting hazy. I then went to the bathroom and locked the door and looked in the mirror and my eyes slowly started dripping out of their sockets. I fell slightly forward and my head was pressed against the mirror while Pursuit by Gesaffelstein was playing. I fell to the play and tried screaming but literally could not get words out and I came to the conclusion was overdosing. I remember slowly leaving my body and looked at the ceiling and octopus tentacles were crawling out from the ceiling grabbing my spiritual body towards a swirling black hole above.

Song: I Took Too Many

Artist: McGrady

Era: To Hell We Fall: The Phantom Black Era

Release Date: January 12th, 2024


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